Photographer’s credits : Véronique Chesnel, Wallflower Weddings, Maïlys Fortune, Véronique Chesnel, Maïlys Fortune, Studio Westlake, Wallflower Weddings, Vibrant Feelings, Daria Lorman, Cara Mia, Paulina Weddings.


Bonjour, c'est Alexia <3

I'm a hair & makeup artist, based in France.

My clients say that I'm an expert at natural beauty and effortless hair. I like to believe them and I hope it's true ;)
I know all the tricks to achieve cool understated hair & makeup looks (even though we know it takes me hours to create them.. not that effortless after all ...haha...shh that's our secret).

You're my dream client & I'll be your dream makeup artist if :

- you're allergic to anything that looks overdone or OTT ,
- you don't wanna be hidden under makeup and still look like yourself ,
-you want your grandchildren to look at your wedding pictures thinking they have the coolest granny ,
- you wanna collaborate with someone who doesn't take herself seriously (but takes her job very very seriously !!) ,
- you don't mind having to listen to someone with a strong French accent ,
- you wanna work with a hair and makeup artist who will carefully listen to you and take into consideration your needs.

Sweet Words

photography by thomas bonin

"Alexia is soft, warm, she made the wedding morning so fun and relaxing. She went above and beyond what I expected. I looked sophisticated and effortless at the same time. Don't know how she does that...maybe that's her French je ne sais quoi. But most of all I looked like myself ...100 times better though. Merci, merci, merci my dear Alexia."



Let's create something beautiful and uniquely yours

0 Check out my pricing & my portfolio. If you think we are a match made in heaven reach out through the CONTACT page.
0 Once we've nailed down a date and location, I'll send the contract and the deposit amount required to book my services.
0 The trial isn't mandatory but I highly recommend it. Even if it happens on location the day before. This is the time where we'll design a beauty look that's completely unique and authentic to you.
0 This is the day where all the magic happens ! Your wedding day has arrived. I'll make sure to pamper you and give you the most exquisite beauty experience that you'll forever remember.


The messy bun , the modern & textured french roll , the modern & lively hollywood waves